Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SUNRISE - December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010 Dawn 7:08 am
Watching the dawn glow and the Sunrise every morning,  even with just the last scant four days I have newly "focused" on this daily phenomenon.  The experience is beginning to illicit a noticeable change in my attitude and my gratitude.

We have all witnessed a multitude of Sunrises in our life.  When we were younger and more foolish, we tried to get home "before" Sunrise and we often didn't always quite make it.  Many more times, as we became more "Mature" (God help us) we saw them through our windshield, as we tried to get to work on time.  In both instances, the Sunrise was an icon marker proclaiming how foolish, time challenged, late, overworked, under organized, etc. (none of which seems to hold a positive connotation) we were.

How often have we actually "intentionally" watched the Sunrise for the sheer benefit of being cognizant of the miracle and opportunity it represents (the 60's don't count; if you were there you know why)?  

Why do we refer to an epiphany (a sudden realization of great truth) as having an idea "dawn" on usDoes our great idea begin to emerge as "dawn" and then is more fully realized at "Sunrise"?

December 29, 2010 Sunrise 7:23 am
We have daily planners and iPhone calendars, appointment  secretaries, but none is greater than the silent, non-electric, "TIME", that is provided to us in the early moments of a daily Sunrise.  How can we more effectively control our use of time with daily intent?

“So often we allow life to dictate to us how we live and what we do. We become a victim of our own circumstances with no purpose, design or intent. Living a life of intent means we take charge of our lives and direct ourselves to whom and where we want to be. Intent won't just happen it takes effort and commitment.” TerriR

Light following darkness, knowledge following questions, enlightenment following confusion.  Carpe Diem.


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