Thursday, January 6, 2011

SUNRISE - January 6, 2011

Sunrise for Earth
“Endeavor to so live that when you die even the undertaker will be sorry”. - Unknown

I was in business for myself many times for many years and harbor the remnants of each of those professions in not-so-carefully packed and stacked boxes in my closets and garage.  I used to be a carpenter, wood worker, clock maker, leather sandal/hat/purse/belt maker, silver, bead, puka shell, Navajo turquoise jewelry maker, and even deer antler pipe maker – all back in the day.  I kept all the remnants, part and tools because I had A-a bit of dated mastery over each and B - “if I needed to go back to work for myself’ – save for a rainy day, etc., etc.” there they would be – like a little gray-haired pack rat’s fantasy.

The last time I assessed my life – it was starting to drizzle. The parts are wearing out.  Time to break out the good china for weekly use rather than just two holidays a year.

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.  ~Dion Boucicault

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